I'm getting married in the morning - hopefully you've contacted us a bit earlier than that!

handsCongratulations on your engagement and your desire for a church wedding! We wish you a lifetime of happiness together. Planning a wedding is not a simple task but we are here to help.  We will guide you through the legal preliminaries, but more importantly, encourage and support you as you prepare not just for the ‘Big Day’ but for the rest of your married lives together.

You do not need to be baptized (christened) or to be a regular worshipper in order to be married in church. Obviously, there are some legal requirements that must be observed, but given enough notice most couples can be married here.

If either of you are not UK citizens, or have been previously married, it is particularly important that you contact the Vicar at an early stage as these cases are more complicated. Please note that any wedding bookings taken are subject to you:

  • proving either the bride’s or groom’s Qualifying Connection to this parish AND
  • proving the bride’s and groom’s UK / EEA / Swiss nationality OR
  • presenting a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate.

The Vicar will explain the process and the documents that must be produced. It sounds scarier than it is 🙂

Some Useful Documents

If you are considering marriage in one of our churches or need your banns called for marriage in another church please download and complete, as far as you are able, the banns/application form below. Then make an appointment to see the Vicar. If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please contact the Parish Office.

For those who are a little further down the planning route, you will find our wedding guide, wedding planner and other documents here. You should make arrangements to meet with the Vicar and begin planning your wedding about 3-4 months before the proposed wedding date.

Application forms and guidance notes are provided here for convenient download. You are not expected to complete them without some help! The Vicar or the Parish Office can provide paper copies.

  • Banns / Application Form – If you are applying to be married here, or you are being married elsewhere but need your banns read here because you live in this parish please download and complete this form, as far as you are able, and make an appointment to see the Vicar. If you are applying for marriage here you will need to prove your qualifying connection to this parish and bride’s and groom’s UK nationality (or if either party is a non-UK national, present a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate).
  • Wedding Guide – On the Marriage Preparation Day you will be given a copy of this booklet. It summarises the information about how we celebrate weddings here and provides some important information.
  • Order of Service Planner – To help you plan your wedding and produce the order of service with the Vicar
  • Choosing Music – This gives a list of some popular choices of music for weddings. There are links in the document to renditions on YouTube.
  • Photography and Videography at Weddings – Please read this carefully and ensure your photographer / videographer has a copy.