A New Way of Living - an invitation to become a disciple

In  St Luke’s parable of the wayward son, the son returned to to the love of his father. God longs for us to repent and return to his love too – and there is much rejoicing in heaven when we do. But that is not the end of the journey, merely the beginning of the right journey. Christians, are called to continue in that love and to live as disciples, actively following Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Worship on Sunday is but one part of this, and there are other groups which meet during the week, for prayer, Bible study and friendship.

scallop-shellIn the past Frindsbury was a place of refreshment for pilgrims travelling to Rochester and Canterbury. The scallop shell is an ancient symbol of pilgrimage and is found in the Bishop’s crest. The scallop shell had a practical purpose allowing fresh water to be sipped from streams along the way. Upon presentation of the shell at churches, monasteries, abbeys etc. the pilgrim could expect to be given as much nourishment as they could pick up with one scoop. We hope to provide you with what you need on your journey of faith.

Our Invitation to Pilgrims

Come as you are
and know that God loves you.
Come with your weaknesses
and know that you will not be judged.
Come with your strengths
and share what God has given you.
Come with your doubts, questions and fears
and know that you are welcomed.
Come hear the gospel
and know that you will be challenged.
Come searching to find the Lord who loves you
and know that you will be changed.
Come as you are
and let us walk together on the only journey that matters.