Mission Giving

At its meeting on the Tuesday 17 January the PCC agreed to support the following missions in 2017 and for the following two years:

You can read more about their work by clicking on the links.

Apart from the percentages of voluntary income received, Tearfund (as a member of DEC) will be the receipient of any collections we take during the year to respond to emergencies and disasters. Through concerts and other events we will seek to raise additional funds for their work. We look forward to inviting representatives from these organisations to share how God is working through them. We encourage those leading intercessions in the months indicated to remember our mission partners. If any members of the congregation would like to become a ‘link person’ with any of these missions and become the principal point of contact please contact the Vicar or Churchwardens.

The PCC recognised that many of the congreation already support other missions through thair personal giving and encourage that.