For children and those young at heart

Things to do in Holy Week for our younger members

From Nicholas:

I wonder how you’re feeling at the moment? It’s very strange and difficult for us not to be able to be with our friends and family. I’ve been given a book that tells you about coronavirus. You can read ‘A Message from Corona’ here.

God knows how we feel, and promises that is always with us. Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow but to live today in the best way we can. The Bible also tells us that if we are worried then we should pray, and we will know God’s peace.

This week is Holy Week, during which we remember the things that Jesus did in his last week on earth. I wonder how many you know already?

Usually we would come together and remember them in Church. But we can’t do that this year so Sue, Anne, Nan and I have found some things which we hope you will find interesting. If they are a bit young for you, perhaps you can help teach them to someone else!

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. The crowds cheered and they were celebrating. But by Friday they we shouting for Jesus to be crucified – I wonder why things changed so quickly?

Have you made a palm cross? These videos make them with strips of palm leaves but you can make them with strips of paper. In countries where palm leaves are common, they make some amazing decorations with palm leaves – the third video makes a donkey!

The way I was taught

A different way
Complicated but I like the donkey…

Anne’s found some instructions for a different way of making a palm cross with two strips of paper.

She also has some interesting crosses.

Monday to Wednesday of Holy Week

After the cheering crowds on Palm Sunday, Jesus knows that things are changing and that he is soon to die. Traditionally, Christians have remembered Jesus journey to the cross on Good Friday using the ‘Stations of the Cross’. There are lots of activities you can do on the sheets below.

Monday of Holy Week

Pick a track of activities for the week, or try some of the other suggestions.

Tuesday of Holy Week

Pick a track of activities for the week, or try some of the other suggestions.

Wednesday of Holy Week

Pick a track of activities for the week, or try some of the other suggestions.

Maundy Thursday

On Maundy Thursday we remember Jesus taking bread and wine at the Last Supper, a meal which we celebrate every Sunday. But before the meal started Jesus did something very unusual and gave his disciples a new commandment – to love each other. What did he do? We act it out in Church on Maundy Thursday and the minister does it.

Your Mum and Dad and those who care for you have been working very hard lately. What might you do for them to show that you love them? How would you serve them – would you wash their feet?

Good Friday

Good Friday is the day on which we remember Jesus dying on the cross. It a solemn day. I wonder why it is called ‘Good’ Friday? Christians sometimes use the Stations of the Cross to help them think about the story in a special way and what it means. Anne has found some outdoor ones here, perhaps you could make a set some, indoors or outdoors. You could also make an Easter Garden with the tomb. Remember to roll the stone away on Easter Sunday!

The Diocese Children and Young People’s Team have launched a ‘Take up your cross challenge’. You can find out more about it here.

Holy Saturday

Easter Sunday